In our sessions I offer you a unique opportunity to help you gain new perspectives and make the adjustments you need to overcome life’s challenges.

It’s a learning space to better know your self and to acquire new tools to lead a successful and happy life.

We will tailor our sessions to your needs. Offering you a safe and culturally sensitive space, being mindful of culture, gender religion and all the other identities that make up who you are.

With openness, presence and acceptance I offer you my support and experience.



Hypnosis is a powerful tool, it is a vehicle for empowering people with the abilities and realizations that ultimately can help them. “Hypnosis creates an amplified, energized, high-powered context for people to explore, discover, and use more of their innate abilities” Dr. Michael Yapko.

Discover and develop your resources in any area you need to grow and thrive.

Hypnosis is highly effective   when used in a therapeutic contex with a clear goal, it can help you  to overcome Anxiety, Insomnia, Relieve Pain, Transform Grieve and Loss and to change and overcome harming habits.

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Life implies constant changes and learnings. I offer you new mental tools and valuable resources to continue creating your life with a positive attitude, wisdom, confidence and peace.


Workshop for pregnant women.

Have you felt stressed and anxious facing all the new changes and expectancies?

Do you feel tired and restless?

Do you want to feel healthier and calmer while enjoying your pregnancy and looking forward positively to giving birth?

Would you like to sleep better, manage stress and anxiety and learn healthy ways to cope with all the new experiences and changes?

Come to a warm and relaxed two day workshop where you will learn how to self sooth your mind, how to be calmed, relaxed and focused while enjoying all the process of gestation and preparing yourself mentally for joyfully delivering your baby.

You will learn effective relaxation exercises and visualization techniques that you can use during pregnancy to manage stress, anxiety and any type of discomfort.

By an experiential approach you will learn how to attain amplified states of mind that can be useful to maintain you focused on health and wellbeing. And thru visualization exercises start envisioning and creating a healthy and relaxed birthing.



Latinas in the Anglo World

Individual or group work using NLP, Hypnosis and Positive Psychology tools for Stress and anxiety management, self esteem, goal clarification, injury recovery, pain and weight management.

Promoting a healthy balance between body and mind.

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In a space where we accommodate the flexibility and creativity that emanates within us, we can find ways to solve conflicts, play with new ways of relating to reality.

From the innocence of the game we learn and experience new roles, practice different scenarios, generate new perspectives.

We open the door to the innocence and creative drive that emanates within us to discover new solutions beyond our automated patterns of behavior.

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly" GK Chesterton.

© Gerardo Landa


Workshop for individuals and groups who want to grow and thrive in their career.

Do you want to identify and strength resources and personal skills?

Do you want to have a clearer, strong vision of your goals?

Would you like to feel more confident when giving the right steps to your future?

By an inner exploration you’ll recognize your talents, skills and resources, promoting the necessary conditions and attitudes to facilitate new learnings and a better use of your natural talents and resources aimed to achieve goals


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Stuck in your personal relationships?

Pulled between  family and your job?

Unappreciated and misunderstood?

Torn between two cultures?

Tired of carrying so many burdens for so long?

​​​Learn to thrive without striving. Give yourself the opportunity to learn more about yourself, to strengthen the core of who you are.

​In this group, you will gain tools to ...

​Manage your emotions and fortify your communication skills. Learn how to express your wants and needs, to draw boundaries, and to rediscover your power —  so you can have more fulfilling relationships in your life.

Be more in touch with yourself. Learn and practice different tools to enhance your emotional intelligence.

Move from a place of fear to one of love.​ Through experiential and drama therapy techniques, we will create a safe and nurturing space so you can grow.



​ Workshop. Healing Through Action!


Workshop for women experiencing loneliness and isolation in US culture

Are your cultural, family and collectivist values disrespected or ignored?

Do you struggle with wanting acceptance and approval from  society?

Do you feel unnoticed, unseen or invisible?

Come share your cultural upbringing and values with other people who may think like you. This workshop will create a safe  environment for your feelings and needs, you and your culture will be seen and validated for who you really are. We will use theater exercises and creative arts to enhance your self-esteem, awaken your resiliency, and honor your cultural values and your true self. Come find support, strength, companionship, and connection.



Creative Arts Support Group

Are you heart-broken?

Do you want to move on ?

Do you find yourself still lingering in the past?

If it has been a while since your last relationship and you want to move on; this six session group is for you.

This group offers you a safe space where you can process your emotions, reexamine your relationship dynamics, and be supported. Through experiential techniques based on drama therapy you will explore how to learn from the past relationship and create new and better ways of relating with yourself and others in the future.


Drama therapy is an experiential form of psychotherapy that utilizes improvisation, theatre games and techniques, and psychodrama as tools for personal growth and change.

It is playful, yet sparks insight.  It promotes spontaneity, creativity, emotional expression, autonomy, and cognitive and behavioral change.

This workshop will introduce participants to this powerful means for changing self-defeating patterns and practicing new roles and constructive behaviours.